Disposable Gloves

TGC Black Nitrile working on motorbikeTGC WorkGear Black Nitrile Gloves
The original “Black” super tough disposable glove introduced back in 2006 by The Glove Company brought never before seen toughness in a disposable glove. It swept through the automotive industry and for the first time ever there was a glove you could wear to rebuild a whole motor, using only one pair and not get a drop of oil on you! In 2009 the same glove introduced the world’s first low sweat disposable glove technology with comfort levels unheard of in a disposable glove. The response across multiple industries was unanimous “this is what the disposable glove industry has been lacking for decades”. The rest is history with TGC WorkGear Black Nitrile gloves are now the most widely sold black disposable glove in Australia and New Zealand.

TGC Orange Gloves cleaning a boatTGC WorkGear Orange Hi-Vis Nitrile Gloves
With the success of the KBS Black Nitrile glove the need for an alternative colour was strong with a number of industries unable to use black gloves due to their dark colour. In 2010 the KBS WorkGear Orange Hi-Vis Nitrile glove was made available with all the same features (incredible toughness and low sweat technology) as TGC Black Nitrile, however in a high visibility orange colour, making it the perfect alternative to black. One of the fastest industries to pick up on this was the aviation industry with the demand for a tough chemical resistant glove in a high visibility colour.

The Perfect Fit Solution A program is in place for larger wholesalers and retailers to work closely with The Glove Company to find the most cost effective and fully compliant glove for their industry. The program includes in-house design and artwork concepts to create The Perfect Fit disposable glove and packaging for the client and the customer.