5 Ways to Use Your Touch Screen Phone with Work Gloves On

It’s frustrating when gloves get in the way of: answering mobile phone calls, using the warehouse’s touch screens or your unbridled dedication to the mobile sensation Flappy Bird.

Have a look around your workplace. You’re probably fully equipped with WHS Compliant safety gear to protect you and your hands. Is safety gear getting in the way and slowing you down?

Find out how touch screens work and 5 ways to use your iPhone with Work Gloves on.

How touch screens work

There are two types ‘restrictive’ and ‘capacitive’.Restrictive is the bendy, crappy old type of touch screen. Mostly used on ATMs and the RTA’s hazard perception test computers that you punched all those years ago to obtain your P plates. It requires physical interference with the electrical grid beneath the flexible layer.Capacitive is the smart phone, swipey, many-fingers-at-once type of touch screen. It needs touch from something with good electrical conduction, ideally your fingers..

5 Ways to Use Your Phone with Gloves On

It seems the Nokia 3310, the 80’s brick and flip phones have all failed to make their comeback. The good news is: there are many solutions for your delicate “smart” phone.
Here are 5 for when that hotline bling.

1. Use your Schnoz. This is the most popular method for answering phones whilst busy in many industries like mining, construction, and warehousing.This will avoid removing and refitting your fantastic trade gloves, but even with a sniffer as tight as Nicole Kidman’s you still won’t be hittin’ them digits accurately.

2. Smart phone gloves. We all have a mate who works only with his fingers. How does he get away with it in front of the boss? This gadget might be the answer you’re looking for.The KOMODO touch-screen-ready gloves are perfect for all industry and trade applications with Cut, Abrasion, Tear and Puncture protection, standards and ratings.Now you can confidently avoid doing your work OR become extraordinarily productive in 3 different cut ratings. Touch screen ready gloves are accurate on all devices, including getting those sausage fingers between the top 3 emojis your missus said to use, because “xx” pisses her off now.

3. Ask Siri. Attempt #1: “Siri, answer smart phone”Attempt #2: Try an American accent “Syri, take the call y’all”Attempt #3: Verbally abuse your phone, miss the call, immediately abandon all plans, stay home and binge watch Xena Warrior Princess in your worst underwear.

4. Lick your Smart Phone. Or Don’t. This is kind of conductive like a finger, I guess.. although any saliva or moisture will confuse the screen into not working correctly. If bad gut bacteria occurs, this can of course be instantly resolved by a single Kombucha drink.

5. Use your favourite Aussie snack. Twiggy sticks, fish-n-chips by the beach or a hamburger with beetroot. Starting with the most finger-like grab a mild twiggy stick from Coles (150mm), or a hot twiggy (60mm) if you’re a bit of a spicy boy.Abandon trying all other foods as you are now stockpiling meat sticks as a viable, working solution that pairs well with your salty personality.Yes, they conduct well for the smart phone’s touch screen and look like a good time but you’ve just spent $18.50 on miscellaneous foods you didn’t really need..Choose wisely.


Yvette Staples

Marketing & Communications Manager
Health & Safety Industry.

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