How to Prevent Your Hands From Aging

An inevitable part of getting older is aging. When it comes to anti-aging and anti wrinkles, we often think of our face. But there is another body part that is just as exposed and even more important. Our Hands.

Your hands perform so many tasks every day. They bare the brunt of the elements, you use and abuse them. Imagine not having hands. How would you Eat, Touch, Type, Drive, Learn?  Without hands, you would not be able to function.So why do we always overlook our hands? Why don’t people take care of their hands? Is it because we use them so often we take them and all their thousands of daily tasks for granted? Or is it because we have just become so accustomed to our trusty hands always being there for us?Hands are vital. So why aren’t you looking after yours?  

Hands are out in the elements 24/7.

We experience life through our hands, and as we age, so to do our hands. 

If you don’t want wrinkly, saggy, sun-spotted, transparent, vein-popping hands, then now is probably a good time to learn how to prevent hand damage.You need to look after your hands. And there are a couple of key things you should be doing daily, to ensure the longevity of your hands.  

1. You Need to Prevent Any Further Damage From Happening.

2. You Should Combat Damage Already Done.

Okay so how do we prevent hand damage from occurring?Wear gloves. I cannot stress that enough. Your hands are out in the elements all the time. You wear socks, and you put shoes on, so is it really that much to ask that you protect your other extremity? 
I understand that you can’t, and let us be frank, don’t want to wear gloves every second of every day. So here are some optimal times you should be wearing gloves, to ensure your beautiful hands stay youthful.
If your job puts your hands at risk, you should wear safety gloves during the day. If you’re doing household chores, you should wear gloves.If you’re old school and are doing the dishes by hand, wear gloves. Dishwashing soap is super irritating for your poor hands.If you’re preparing food, you should wear gloves.If you’re doing some gardening or DIY around your house, you should probably wear gloves.Are you getting the picture yet?
Wearing gloves can take away years from your hands. Don’t skip this simple step; simply don a pair of gloves whenever you are putting your hands at risk.Also, fun fact, if you wear gloves when you are outside, you will stop harmful UVA and UVB rays from damaging and breaking down the skin on your hands.Hot Tip from the Glove Experts at The Glove Company’Don’t forget to wash your gloves to stop the spread of germs. Your hands touch a lot of things, so to do your gloves.’    

The Second Step is to Repair Damage Already Done.

Your hands need a good quality hand cream. We suggest trying to find a moisturiser that is rich in vitamin E and A. The best time to repair damaged wrinkly hands is at night. Simply grab a pair of cotton gloves liners and your favourite hand cream. Next, cover your hands with the cream and put on the gloves. When you wake in the morning, your hands will be soft and rejuvenated. Although you must remember that creams are only going to help repair the damage already done, they cannot and will not stop your hands from aging.  


Yvette Staples

Marketing & Communications Manager
Health & Safety Industry.

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