Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for Needle Stick Hazards

Needles are hazardous, and unfortunately, they can be found almost everywhere. Just one prick from a used needle can change someone’s life.

In the workplace, it is vital that workers feel safe and protected, especially workers who have a high risk of coming into contact with used or discarded needles. Under the 2011 Work, Health and Safety Act employers have a responsibility to provide a working environment that is safe and without risks to employees health. One of the strategies outlined in the Act is the use of Personal Protective Equipment or PPE to help protect workers.

Needle Stick Resistant Gloves are a cost-effective option for reducing the risk of needlestick hazards, especially when compared to the thousands of dollars in damages that are associated with workplace needlestick injuries. Specialised gloves can help prevent a needle stick puncture in combination with other hazard risk prevention and control measures.  PPE should be used as a last line of defence against potential hazards.

The Glove Company has designed a specialised glove specifically for helping protect people who might come into contact with a needle or syringe. The KOMODO Dragon Skin Needle Stick Resistant Gloves are designed for picking up, cleaning or disposal of hypodermic needle stick hazards. The gloves help prevent needle stick injury, as the last form of hazard control.

KOMODO Dragon Skin Needle Stick Gloves showing resistance to sharp needles Gif
KOMODO Dragon Skin Needle Stick Gloves.

Offering more dexterity than any other needle stick resistant glove, the KOMODO Dragon Skin Needle Stick Resistant gloves, are less bulky and more flexible than traditional Needle Stick Resistant Gloves. More dexterity allows users better hand control when picking up needles, rapidly decreasing the risk of needle stick puncture.

PPE can be a useful tool in helping lower the risk of punctures from a needle, however it will not completely remove the risk.  KOMODO Dragon Skin Needle Stick Gloves can resistant punctures however they are not puncture proof. Always conduct a safe test and, have an up to date policy about needlestick injury.

To learn more about what to do if you are injured by a needlestick visit the Australian Government site about Needlestick Injury.

Yvette Staples

Marketing & Communications Manager
Health & Safety Industry.

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