Revolutionary New Disposable Gloves Technology

Do you struggle to put on your disposable gloves at work? Especially when other people are in the room or when your boss is watching and waiting for you.

What if I told you, you don’t have to deal with the stress of putting on disposable gloves with sweaty, damp hands.

Did you know, the average worker spends 2 minutes putting on and taking off their disposable gloves. Now let us remember you have to change your pair of gloves after every patient, job or task. And lets say on average you have 20 different tasks a day. That is 40 minutes every single day you are wasting while struggling to put on your disposable gloves.

The faster or more pressure you are under the harder it always is to put the gloves on! That is because when you feel stress your body automatically sweats more making it even harder to put your gloves on. This is a serious problem in the glove industry and now there is finally a solution.

The Glove Company are leaders in innovation in the glove industry. We have been working on a solution to the problem of damp donning for years. After many tests and trials we have finally formulated a disposable glove that is easy to put on, no matter what environment, or condition your hands are in. Whether you have Dry Hands, Hot Hands, Damp Hands, Sweaty Hands or Wet Hands, it will not matter anymore. Your disposable glove will be easy to put on, no matter what, thanks to our revolutionary new EASY ON Technology.

How Does EASY ON  Technology Work?

Revolutionary EASY ON Technology is the feature of our new Microlite® PLUS Gloves. The EASY ON technology draws the sweat and moisture away from your hands, allowing the glove to simply glide on.

Standard disposable gloves don’t have this technology, so the sweat and moisture causes suctioning friction, making it nearly impossible to get your gloves on efficiently. When your Microlite® PLUS Glove is on, the glove also enables your hand to maintain a nice normal pH level.

In comparison, once you finally have your standard glove on, the sweat and moisture on your hands intensify because the glove is suffocating your hand. Which just makes your hand sweat more, you become more uncomfortable and the cycle continues.

By the time you are finally ready to take the standard disposable glove off, your gloves are so sweat ridden that the gloves are stuck to your skin and take even longer to get off.

In a world where time is money. The Glove Company saw the need for a disposable glove that works with the wearer.  

Technology You Can Feel – The EASY ON Difference

The EASY ON technology is a type of advanced surface modified technology. Which simply means, extra treatment has been infused into the inner and outer surface of the glove. This extra treatment is EASY ON Technology. 

Anytime you see the PLUS Logo on The Glove Company’s gloves, you know those gloves feature the surface modified technology EASY ON. The Glove Company continues to innovate, and we will create more disposable gloves in the PLUS range that have our EASY ON Technology.

Yvette Staples

Marketing & Communications Manager
Health & Safety Industry.

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